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Bespoke tanks from Aldercote

Company introduces range of fuel, lubrication and water tank conversions for articulated and rigid dumptrucks

ALDERCOTE Ltd, specialists in bespoke vehicle design, have introduced a range of tank conversions for articulated and rigid dumptrucks used in the quarrying and mining industries.

Among the products on offer is the company’s Lubemaster system, which has designed to meet the need for the supply and removal of lubrication oils in large mobile plant. The tanks are built to a modular concept, allowing the customer to have an input in the initial stages of design, so they can choose the best tank configurations to suit their operational needs.

Standard features of the Lubemaster unit include: fully filtered discharge hoses; level gauges; a screw compressor; and fully baffled tanks with 2-micron filters.

Aldercote have also introduced the Fuelmaster, which is available in tank sizes from 4,000 to 33,000 litres and includes features such as: low-level fill; fast-fill forecourt-type nozzles; and fully filtered baffled tanks with anti-surge and level gauges.

The company’s Dustmaster tank system is offered with a range of spray heads and water cannons, as well as a proportional spray system unit designed to deliver reduced water consumption and even coverage over the ground.

In addition to these bespoke tank units, Aldercote offer many other conversion services for mobile plant and have the ability build or adapt equipment to carry out specific tasks where there is current product available on the market.

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