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Atlas Copco introduce the SmartMast

HiLight B5+ and SmartMast lighting tower

Unique patented technology increases lighting tower safety and reduces operating costs

ATLAS Copco have developed a unique patented technology, named SmartMast, to maximize lighting tower safety. It features intelligent in-built sensors which detect and respond to adverse conditions, obstacles, potential impacts and irregular ground surfaces or floors.

Designed for use on lighting towers with extending hydraulic masts, SmartMast not only improves site safety, but also reduces operating costs thanks to its autonomous dimming function.


Atlas Copco’s HiLight B5+ lighting tower can now be equipped with this advanced system, which will also be offered on other HiLight models in due course.

On detecting high winds, for example, SmartMast automatically lowers the mast to avoid losing stability. Similarly, it brings the mast down if any obstacle is detected between 300mm and 500mm above it. It can also sense – and alert users to – the approach of objects which might impact upon the light tower.

Also, during installation of the lighting on sites, SmartMast assesses whether the ground or floor surface is level enough to make the structure stable. If not, it prevents the lighting tower from operating.

SmartMast utilizes dimmable LED floodlights; which can be used to adjust luminosity, with regards to lux, in a workplace. According to Atlas Copco, this, and the benefits outlined above, combine to ensure the equipment, and more importantly end users and people working in close proximity to the lighting tower, are protected.

The unit’s user-friendly, full-color control panel is highly intuitive, so no specific knowledge is needed to install and operate the equipment. It combines with the market-leading capabilities of the HiLight B5+ lighting tower to provide a highly effective, flexible and energy-efficient lighting solution.

The dimmable LED floodlights can be adjusted to meet changing needs, saving up to 40% in fuel. Noise levels are said to be the lowest for any diesel-powered light tower on the market, whilst compact dimensions enhance transport economy and low maintenance requirements reduce servicing costs.

‘Customers increasingly demand peace of mind in terms of safety and efficiency,’ said Félix Gómez, Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division spokesperson on lighting towers.

‘HiLight B5+ and SmartMast protect workers and the public against falling light towers while avoiding waste of light and reducing running expenses. SmartMast also, of course, prevents damage to the lighting itself, so downtime and repair bills are minimized, and utilization is increased.’


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