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Atlas Copco introduce the Smart Air Xc4004

Atlas Copco Smart Air Xc4004 controller

New, intuitive, easy-to-use compressed-air controller designed to put users in total control

ATLAS Copco are set to launch the new Smart Air Xc4004 controller on all their large and specialty air compressors with flows from 20 to 128 cubic m/min (700 to 4,500 cfm) and pressures up to 345 bar (5,000 psi).

The innovative and powerful controller, which is said to increase the efficiency of operations by providing powerful insights, features an easy-to-use interface that puts users in full control. A secondary point-of-use controller unit is also available to provide users with the option to remotely operate their portable compressors, eg in drilling applications.


‘The Smart Air Xc4004 controller features our latest innovations,’ said Hendrik Timmermans, vice-president of marketing for Atlas Copco’s Portable Air Division. ‘We believe a controller should put you in complete control, whilst being intuitive and, most importantly, easy to use and navigate. Smart controls also protect your investment and improve your efficiency, while drastically decreasing the operating costs of equipment through advanced insights.’

The 7in controller display allows a simultaneous view of several parameters, including pressure and flow. Consequently, there is no need to toggle around to check the flow at a certain pressure. Additionally, top-structured alarm settings allow for operation monitoring. 

By supporting all Atlas Copco regulating systems such as the new AirXpert 2.0 and the pneumatic regulation system, the Xc4004 smart air controller is said to increase efficiency significantly. It also further boosts fuel efficiency by way of its auto-load/unload and start/stop functionality.

By checking the engine condition, the auto-diagnostic function in the Xc4004 controller can actively increase uptime. In addition, users can monitor 15 key parameters. Quick access to historical trends helps users to perform operational analysis and assists with scheduling preventive maintenance, resulting in improved uptime and efficiency.

Users can also access several parameters through a second control unit that could, for example, be mounted at a drill rig. Through this second point-of-use controller, operators can manage the eco-mode, dynamic flow boost, multi-pressure/flow settings and emergency stop. This remote monitoring can either be hard-wired or via RRC radio connection.

The Xc4004 smart air controller display is anti-glare, freeze-free and IP67 rated, providing the necessary protection from water, dust and dirt contamination. To further increase reliability, Atlas Copco have designed the controller to be compact and to contain limited connectors.

Moreover, one Xc4004 controller is said to replace seven different controller models from the past, which will also improve efficiency and ease of use when owning and operating several Atlas Copco compressors.


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