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Atlas Copco expand RTEX breaker range

Atlas Copco RTEX breaker

Swedish manufacturer adds two new models to its advanced pneumatic breaker portfolio

ATLAS Copco have strengthened their RTEX pneumatic breaker range with the launch of two new models: the RTEX 15, which weighs just 17kg; and a variant of the RTEX 25, which features a shorter chisel. 

Atlas Copco’s RTEX breakers are renowned for their reduced air consumption (up to 50%), compared with conventional breakers, thanks to the company’s constant pressure chamber technology. This allows users to power two RTEX breakers with a small air compressor. 

The reduced weight and increased energy outputs of the RTEX 15 and variant RTEX 25 pneumatic breakers means that recycling/demolition operators can now achieve improved productivity with low vibration exposure levels.

The RTEX 25 unit is a powerful breaker that can replace the functionality of the medium-sized TEX 230PE, TEX 280PE, TEX 33PE breakers and TEX P60S model. The air consumption in RTEX 25 has been reduced from 36 litres/s to 18 litres/s. The breaker also has a weight reduction of up to 30%, compared with the heaviest units in its class. Atlas Copco have confirmed that more variants are planned for the future.

Covering the functionality of the TEX 150PE and TEX 190PE pneumatic breakers, the RTEX 15 model has a weight reduction of 25%, compared with the heaviest breakers in its class. The air consumption of RTEX 15 has been reduced from 26 litres/s to 15.4 litres/s. 

Featuring Atlas Copco’s constant pressure chamber technology, two RTEX 25 breakers can now be powered by the company’s small XAS 48 compressor. With the same breaking capacity of a conventional 37kg breaker, the RTEX 25 has been designed to deliver higher levels of efficiency and uninterrupted productivity.  

Hendrik Timmermans, vice-president of marketing for Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division, commented: ‘The best thing about RTEX breakers is that they pay for themselves. The fact that you need a compressor only half the size, or you can use two breakers instead of one from the same energy source gives instant payback. It is ergonomic and saves both money and the environment.’

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