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Another record year for Hyva

Hyva-fitted tipper

Tipping equipment specialist achieves fourth consecutive year of record sales in UK

WITH sales of their tipping equipment, skiploaders and hooklifts at an all-time high, Hyva say 2015 will be their fourth consecutive record year in the UK.

According to the company, a key element of this success has been the near-continuous introduction of new products, most notably the Alpha range of tipping cylinders and the Titan range of skiploaders and hookloaders.


In Scotland, one of the very latest Hyva-fitted tippers confirms this trend. A new Renault tag axle tractor with ultra-lightweight Wilcox MegaLite trailer has just joined the fleet of JW Morrison of Strathaven.

Now running 20 artics and three rigids, JW Morrison’s trailers have long been standardized on Hyva tipping gears thanks to their low weight, high performance and proven reliability.

Stronger yet lighter, the latest FC169’s extra-long stroke of 7,130mm delivers a particularly high tipping angle that is said to unseat even the stickiest loads.

‘From our lengthy experience with Hyva, there’s simply no reason to choose any other tipping gear,’ said company owner Joe Morrison.

However, Hyva say their continuing expansion is due to more than having top-specification products alone. Equally important, they say, is their ability to meet all the various needs of UK fleets in each and every operating environment.

UK managing director Tony Davies explained: ‘Hyva offer customers a complete product range, covering tipping cylinders, tractor kits, skiploaders and hookloaders.

‘More and more, many of the larger truck operators are now working in complementary business sectors, running a combination of different vehicle types. Having one supplier rather than many makes sourcing new equipment easier and more efficient.’

He added: ‘Whilst sales of our tipping equipment are currently higher than ever, it’s also a fact that Hyva skiploaders and hookloaders now outsell all competitor models combined.’


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