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AI appoint new Executive Committee member

Simon Marriott

Simon Marriott appointed as managing director of Aggregate Industries’ Concrete Products division

AGGREGATE Industries have appointed Simon Marriott as managing director of their Concrete Products division, in a strategic move to bring the division to the company’s Executive Committee.

Boasting a wealth of experience in the construction materials industry, Mr Marriott (pictured) started his career as a plant manager, holding this position for seven years. He then moved to Bardon Aggregates in 1996, shortly before its merger with Camas, when the new entity became known as Aggregate Industries.

Within Aggregate Industries, Mr Marriott progressed through the ranks of the Express Asphalt division to become general manager, before going on to be director of the mainstream asphalt division’s Southern region.

Following a return to Express Asphalt, he went on to run Bardon Concrete and Aggregate Industries’ cement importing function, before becoming director of Concrete Products in late 2015.

In his new role as managing director of Concrete Products, Mr Marriott will be responsible for all hard landscaping aspects of the business, including Charcon, Bradstone, Masterblock, Charcon Construction Solutions and Simply Paving. He will also head up the marketing communications function.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Marriot said: ‘Having been a part of Aggregate Industries for the best part of 25 years, I’m delighted to join the Executive Committee. This change is the result of my team’s tremendous efforts to demonstrate the value added that we bring to the business and I am extremely proud of them.’

Guy Edwards, chief executive officer of Aggregate Industries, said: ‘In a market more challenging and dynamic than ever, we need to remain agile and adjust our offering to customers’ needs, making it easier for them to bring to life even the most creative projects.

‘Simon’s extensive, varied experience within the company and the wider industry makes him a great addition to the Executive Committee. The knowledge he has developed over the years at every level gives him a great ability to improve our customer-centric approach and the quality of our offering and services for the customer.’

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