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Aggregates output report from BDS

TARMAC continue to be the largest aggregates company in Great Britain with an estimated share of 21% in 2001. This is slightly down on the previous year, due to the closure of some smaller operations over the last 18 months. The decline of the market in Scotland has also affected overall share.

These findings are part of an annual report published by BDS Marketing & Research Ltd, which lists the estimated outputs and shares of all sand and gravel pits, crushed rock quarries and marine wharves in Great Britain, by location and company.

According to the report, Hanson are the second largest aggregates company with an estimated share of over 16%, which again is thought to be slightly down on the previous year.


RMC have moved up to become the second largest sand and gravel company, but they remain the third largest aggregates company overall.

The production share of Aggregate Industries has continued to increase and now stands at an estimated 10.5%, placing them in fourth position, while Lafarge Aggregates are in fifth place with a 2001 share estimated at 9.0%.

The report lists all pits and quarries, including those producing aggregates for non-construction use, such as cement and steel production. The rest of the top 10 companies comprises Foster Yeoman, Lafarge Cement, Castle Cement, Brett and Ennstone. BDS estimate that these 10 companies now have over 80% of the market.

For further details about the report, entitled ‘Estimated outputs of pits, quarries and marine wharves in Great Britain’, contact: BDS Marketing



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