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Aggregate Industries celebrate 65th anniversary of Cauldon

Waterhouses junior football team joining in the anniversary celebrations at Cauldon

UK’s first dry-process cement plant marks major milestone with special two-day event

IT was a special occasion at Aggregate Industries’ Cauldon Cement plant, in Staffordshire, earlier this month, as the company held a two-day event to mark 65 years of cement manufacturing excellence.

Founded in 1957, the world-class operation based in Cauldon was the very first dry-process cement plant to be installed in Britain and played a key role in the modernization of the UK cement industry. Fast forward to today and the plant continues to break new ground as part of the Aggregate Industries’ progressive sustainability strategy – Building Progress for a Sustainable Future – as it sets out to become the UK leader of sustainable building solutions.


In 2021, Cauldon plant, already home to successful renewable integration, commenced works on a £13 million investment project to reduce its carbon footprint by 30,000 tonnes annually. This will be achieved by building a new pre-processing plant for the storage, handling, and feeding of solid alternative fuels, that would otherwise end up as landfill. AI are also installing a new chloride bypass to ensure product quality and negate additional waste.

Alongside this, the Cauldon plant has remained a mainstay of the local community.  As well as being a major local employer and responsible for around £11 million entering the regional economy each year through salaries and investment, the Cauldon business regularly raises money for local charities.

To mark its 65th anniversary, the landmark site held a special open day where key customers – both existing and new – were given a tour of Cauldon plant and presentations from senior leaders, followed by lunch. During a second day of celebrations more than 600 local people, including employees, former staff, and family members, came together to enjoy an array of outdoor activities, painting, raffles, and refreshments.

Aggregate Industries also welcomed the local Waterhouses Community Swim, Waterhouses junior football team, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, West Midlands Ambulance Services, and Waterhouses Scouts.

Steve Curley, managing director of Aggregate Industries’ cement division, said: ‘From the very beginning, the Cauldon plant has thrived not only on account of its commitment to innovation, but because of the many generations of local people who have helped shape the business today. It was, therefore, fantastic to take the opportunity to come together, both colleagues old and new, and their families, and mark this important milestone which we have all helped to make happen.’

Stuart Hutchings, industrial director at Aggregate Industries, added: ‘As a business, we emerge from the uncertainty of the last two years even more committed to embedding sustainability within the future of construction. While we have already made huge strides here at our Cauldon plant, this is just the beginning for us as we continue to push boundaries in green innovation to help protect our community, environment, and planet.’


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