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A step forward in the transition to net zero

Jane Hunt MP

Mineral Products Association welcomes new minister’s support for sustainability of all materials

THE Mineral Products Association (MPA) has warmly welcomed the statement by the new BEIS Minister, Jane Hunt (pictured), on material neutrality.

Asked in a written question to promote sustainable building materials, her reply stated: ‘The Government recognizes that the use of environmentally sustainable building materials has an important role to play in meeting our net zero target. The Government also recognizes that sustainability can be achieved in different ways. We are focused on promoting the use of low-carbon products and processes, and reducing waste, rather than specific material types.’


Claire Ackerman, executive director for concrete at the MPA and director of The Concrete Centre, said: ‘The issue in a climate emergency is not to divide the world into binary ‘good’ and ‘bad’ materials. Instead, there must be a far more honest, informed, and holistic dialogue, so that the entire life cycle and sustainability credentials of any product are better considered in the context of buildings which must perform for generations.

‘This ministerial recognition of material neutrality is a real step forward in the transition to net zero.’


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