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Managing Quarries for Migrant Birds - POSTPONED


Paxton Pits
Event Organiser

This course has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please note that NAM are still available for any restoration advice and guidance -


Many of the iconic species of the UK summer – like turtle dove, cuckoo and nightingale – are long distance migrants, present in the UK for only a few months each year. They travel back from Africa each spring, and all have declined by over 50% in the past 25 years. Extraction sites can provide vital food, water and breeding sites for these birds - before, during and after quarrying has taken place. This Nature After Minerals (NAM) training course will help you to understand the ecology and key requirements of major migrant species, and will explain the steps that can be taken to provide attractive resources to these birds. After lunch, there will be a site visit to see different habitat options and, hopefully, some migrant birds in the field.


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