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Bender UK

  • An innovator in the mining industry for over 70 years

    With our roots founded in mining over 7 decades ago, Bender has become a global leader in electrical safety technology and ground fault protection for mining applications.

    In this harsh working environment, people and processes depend on safe operations and reliable functioning of mining plant and equipment.

    Bender monitoring devices aid safer working conditions and maximum availability of the technical equipment and systems required to extract mineral resources. 

    Our years of research, design and technical experience has led to the development of a broad portfolio of products which monitor, detect and provide early warning of developing causes of electrical failure. Our solutions help safeguard personnel, equipment, and processes, preventing failure and reducing repair and maintenance costs.

    As an innovator in the field of electrical safety, Bender technology meets stringent quality testing and is designed to comply with relevant industry standards.


    A complete portfolio of products:

    • Insulation monitoring devices
    • Residual Current Monitoring Technology
    • Ground fault detectors for ungrounded AC and DC systems
    • Ground fault relays for solidly grounded and high-resistance grounded AC and DC systems
    • Ground fault monitoring equipment for equipment supplied by variable frequency drives (VFDs)
    • Ground fault monitoring for offline equipment
    • Combination monitors featuring ground fault monitoring, and neutral ground resistor (NGR) monitoring or ground continuity monitoring per CSA M421-11
    • Voltage, frequency, and phase sequence / phase loss monitoring for single- and three-phase
    • Load current monitoring for single- or three-phase
    • Ground continuity monitoring for trailing cables
    • Loop PE monitoring
    • Remote indicating and communicating solutions

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