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Abbey Rollers Ltd

  • Abbey Rollers Ltd is a leading manufacturer of superior quality, heavy duty, precision engineered steel conveyor rollers and troughing sets. We are internationally recognised as a market leader in our industry and are experts in the design and manufacture of conveyor rollers to customer requirements Worldwide. Our rollers and troughing sets are used in all temperatures, environments and conditions throughout the bulk handling and conveyor industries giving our customers long life, performance and reliability.

    All Abbey Rollers are manufactured at our dedicated factory in Ireland which specialises in the sole production of our unique patented design rollers. From here we export our rollers to a multitude of industries throughout the World.

    Every Abbey Roller is manufactured using our machined cast iron end covers which are precision bored and externally grooved to engineered tolerances. Housed securely within these cast iron end covers are our double rubber 2RS greased and sealed for life deep groove ball bearings and double lip seals. Absolutely no lubrication of the bearing is required in any of our rollers. This unique and patented design of every Abbey Rollers ensures ultimate bearing protection thus substantially increasing the life time of the roller. As a result, this reduces your maintenance costs associated with the need to shut down your conveyors to frequently replace cheaper rollers.

    All Abbey Rollers are hydraulically crimped at each end - not welded.
    This is done to suitably tight tolerances to ensure any ovality that may occur in the pipe during it’s manufacture is removed  We use oversized steel shafts which are then machined to create a shoulder for the inside cage of the bearing to prevent any side thrust than may occur from belt misalignment – No circlips are ever used.

    We offer an extensive range of heavy duty cost effective rollers and troughing sets and can manufacture to your exact requirements. Examples of our standard product range include:

    • Replacement rollers - to fit onto your existing troughing set  base frames.
    • Fixed Angle Troughing Sets for use on the trough belt with fixed angle side rollers.
    • Abbey Variable Angle Troughing Sets to our patented design & construction – a unique and versatile troughing set alternative with side rollers than can be easily adjusted by hand to alter the angle (see information below).
    • Impact Troughing Sets – for use in heavy duty impact areas with rubber disced rollers for impact absorption.
    • Steel Return rollers – for use on the return belt.
    • Disc return rollers – for use on the return belt to assist with maintaining belt cleanliness.
    • Rubber covered rollers – an alternative to the disc trough/disc return roller.
    • Garland Sets – a suspended troughing set for use on land conveyors.
    • Abbey Steering sets – corrects belt misalignment.
    • Solid side guide rollers – assists with correcting belt misalignment.

    Abbey Rollers are manufactured in the following diameters, and to any length required:

    • 75mm    
    • 90mm
    • 101.6mm                    
    • 127mm
    • 159mm
    • 168mm

    Our heavy duty product range is used widely throughout the following example industries:

    • Quarrying & Mining
    • Sand & Gravel
    • Fertilizer
    • Port Facilities
    • Glass
    • Cement
    • Peat
    • Timber
    • Recycling
    • Paper                    

    Our patented design Abbey Variable Angle Troughing Set is a unique and versatile troughing set alternative for many of our clientele.

    On this Abbey Variable Angle Troughing Set NO external side roller supports are used thus requiring only one shaft to extend from the bottom of the side roller. This is then secured to the variable angle bracket on the base frame by two bolts. As there is no requirement for a projecting shaft at the top of the side roller the cast iron end cover is completely sealed giving 100% bearing protection.

    Every side roller can be adjusted simply by hand to alter the angle required to 20, 30, 45 or 60 degrees. This varies the trough angle of the belt and facilitates simple belt alignment within minutes. Also, the centre roller of this troughing set is offset allowing any material spillage fall way therefore eliminating obstruction of the rotating centre roller. This is further assisted by using an angle iron base frame which does not allow any material build up across the frame.

    Why choose an Abbey Variable Angle Troughing Set ?

    • Side Roller angles are altered by simply slotting into any of the four predetermined positions giving angles of 20, 30, 45 and 60 degrees.
    • Side Roller angles for the whole conveyor can be altered in a matter of minutes.
    • NO Tools are required to alter the side rollers - This can be done by hand in seconds.
    • Side roller angles can be alternated to help correct belt misalignment.
    • No jamming of centre roller from obstruction occurs due to it’s unique offset design.
    • Self cleaning bases that remain clean.
    • The top of every side roller has a cast iron end cover that is completely sealed giving 100% protection to the bearing inside from moisture, dirt etc.
    • You can replace individual troughing sets and our bases are interchangeable with other makes.
    • Absolutely no lubrication of the rollers is required – All bearings fitted are 2RS sealed and lubricated for life deep groove ball bearings.
    • When side rollers eventually need replacing simply remove bolts – remove and replace with a new Abbey Roller.

    All our rollers are manufactured to our patented design & construction and are subject to international patents or patents pending.

    To find out more on “What makes THE Abbey Roller so Popular” and to view our product gallery please visit our web site

    Abbey Rollers …. Moving things easily !

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