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EP17 - Reporting And Accounting

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What is this?

The purpose of this document is to outline the operational requirements for undertaking environmental reporting and accounting within a business. A PDF of the procedure is available to download (see attached).

What does the managing director need to do?

The managing director must ensure that:

  • An annual environmental report is constructed for the business and circulated to all interested parties
  • The contents of the report considers as a minimum:
    • The contents of the environmental policy statement
    • Any key environmental impacts to the business
    • How the business has reduced energy usage
    • Details of fleet management and fuel consumption
    • Initiatives that have been introduced for improved work and business travel
    • Any waste minimisation and recycling improvements
    • What has been done to help customers be more sustainable
    • The results of any independent audits or other relevant communications
    • The key figures from any environmental accounting records
    • Investment in people, plant and processes.
  • A process for reporting is in place. These steps can be in the following order:
  1. Deciding objectives
  2. Take decision to report
  3. Identify priority audiences
  4. Plan the content and structure
  5. Information and data gathering
  6. Drafting and data processing
  7. Design and production
  8. Internal approval
  9. Verification (third party)
  10. Dissemination strategies
  11. Feedback
  12. Next reporting cycle.

What about environmental accounting?

Integrated into the annual report should be an accounting system for environmental requirements under the following six accountancy headings:

  • Disclosure of environmental costs and liabilities
  • Criteria for capitalising environmental expenditure
  • Recognising provisions for environmental costs
  • Disclosure of environmental risks and uncertainties
  • Impairment of assets, including any damages to external property
  • Fines, pollution permits and emission rights.

All environmental accounting should be disclosed within a balance sheet.

This workplace procedure forms part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables all personnel working for the company, whether directly or indirectly, to carry out their duties in a manner which will preserve the environment around them and ensure that the policy statement of the company is adhered to. The procedures can be viewed here.


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