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EP13 - System Verification And Corrective Action

What is this?

This is a written procedure that outlines what is required to be undertaken to ensure that the EMS is being operated in accordance with the environmental policy, the EMS manual and any other relevant procedures. It also describes ways to instigate corrective action necessary for non-conformances.

A PDF of the procedure is available to download (see attached), please use it in conjunction with the associated documentation mentioned below.

What does the responsible manager need to do?

The responsible manager must ensure that:

  • All parts of the EMS are checked and audited on a periodic basis as defined in the procedure for environmental management audits
  • The programme for carrying out the audits is agreed at the introduction of the EMS and reviewed as a minimum every three years
  • The audits establish that the EMS conforms to the requirements of the law or what is required to achieve those standards
  • Any identified non-conformances with the EMS are recorded on the relevant form and filed appropriately
  • All non-conformance reports are reviewed at the EMS annual review meeting, along with the corresponding corrective actions undertaken.

What do employees need to do?

All employees must ensure that:

  • All non-conformances are reported immediately to the responsible manager
  • They help and support any auditor (internal or external) answering honestly regarding environmental practices being adopted on site.

Associated documentation

EMS Section

  • Checking and Corrective Action

Environmental Procedures

  • EP15 – Management Audits
  • EP16 – EMS Annual Review


  • EF04 – EMS Review
  • EF07 – Non-Conformance Record (NCR)
  • EF10 – Site Environmental Audit
  • EF11 – EMS Audit
  • EF12 – EMS Audit Schedule

This workplace procedure forms part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables all personnel working for the company, whether directly or indirectly, to carry out their duties in a manner which will preserve the environment around them and ensure that the policy statement of the company is adhered to. The procedures can be viewed here.

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