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When times are tough don’t do nothing…

  • 04 August 2016 - 12:10

    We are continually hearing bad news coming out of Europe, America and from our politicians on financial performance. There is rumour of a recession after the Brexit vote but let’s not dwell on that. When times are difficult and budgets are tight it can be easy to stop doing stuff… No marketing, no advertising and possibly no health and safety.

    In my experience of running my own business it can be extremely damaging to disappear out of view. The peaks and troughs of work can cause enormous problems so my advice for all aspects of business is do a little and do it often.

    With this in mind I want to give you a few quick, easy and cheap things that can be done to help your health and safety performance:

    Machinery: If you have plant and equipment get your operators to do a quick inspection before it is used. If guards are missing get them fitted back on, if emergency stops are broken then get them repaired.

    Housekeeping: Get walkways cleared, move waste to the bins, sort out working areas to remove slip and trip hazards.

    Training:  When did you last deliver some training? Not necessarily an external paid for session but just a ‘toolbox talk’ or safety briefing. Put together a list of 12 hazards your employees face, it may be noise, dust, working at height, electricity. Then deliver a quick talk every month. Go online and type in the hazard and the word toolbox talk after it and see what comes up. You will be amazed how easy it is to find simple documents that can help you. If you want some free toolbox talks drop me a line with your topic and I will send something over.

    Risk assessment: Never stop this. Dig out your risk assessments on the site. Have a look through them and really ask are they any good. Spend 10 minutes every week chatting through one of the activities with your employees. What maintenance job is coming up next week? Start with that.

    Communication:   It has been over 25 years since Bob Hoskins told us “It’s good to talk”. And how right he was. Pop into the canteen, restroom or office and have a quick chat with the people on site. Ask how they are doing but also ask how they feel the company is doing. What could we be doing better and are there any things going on that we shouldn’t be doing. Keep it simple, don’t point the finger, just get it in the open and get it sorted.

    Little and often will improve your business, your profitability and team morale.

    For those toolbox talks contact colin at [email protected]

    Tel 01780 438886 or 07799 656303

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