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I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now but to be fair I have had nothing to boast about but these last few days have been really rewarding.

2018 was a pretty exciting year for me, my family and the business. I got married to an amazing lady called Tracey. Two of my children started trips around the world, two went back to University and one changed from junior school to secondary school. We moved offices and recruited some amazing people to the IMG team. We developed some brilliant products and services with our clients and grew our client base.

This took a lot of time and focus and to be fair I lost a bit of focus on one of the most important things……ME.

My weight went from a pretty big 17.5 stone and peaked at the end of December at around 19 stone 3lbs. I felt tired and drained. I was a bit moody and when I checked I was drinking a bit.

I was fortunate though I have some great people around me (especially my wife) and I felt I needed to change things.

Please remember we are only talking three and a bit months ago.

The first thing I did was be honest with myself. I downloaded a free app called ‘Drink free days’ and I honestly put in what I was drinking. I honestly put in what I was drinking. One last time I honestly put in what I was drinking. I was shocked I was drinking nearly every night, maybe a beer or a glass of wine. At weekends wine and gin and tonic. I was never giving myself a chance. The app is brilliant and simple and once you have put your information in its gives you a risk level. I was classed as ‘higher’, I was at the top of the red.

I pledged to drink less and now I do. I don’t drink nothing, but I drink less.

As a family we weren’t eating great and now with most of the kids away it was just Tracey and myself at home. So, we pledged to each other to challenge if we went near the biscuits or crisps, to choose a menu at the start of the week and stick to it. We are both really busy people running businesses, but we have a plan and we [nearly] stick to it (not always but nearly).

I spend a huge amount of time travelling, so I pledged to eat sensibly when I was on the road. All I now buy from petrol stations are two things: petrol and water.

Hey, I slip up sometimes, but I don’t beat myself up about it. But I do challenge it. If I cheat, I’m cheating myself.

Finally, I wanted to introduce some exercise into my busy life. A 52-year-old, overweight bloke. What could I do that I could stick to, that I could do wherever I was?

This has probably been the biggest change both physically and more importantly mentally.

I am not a runner (although I have tried), I am not great at going to the gym (although I have membership….). I do have floor space though, whether it’s in the hallway, front room, hotel room, I have a bit of space.

On 1 January I did one press up, one sit up (well a crunch really), one squat and a one second leg raise. That was it, that was all I did.

However, day two was a bit different, I did two of everything and so it went one. The end of week one, I did seven sets, the end of week two, I was doing 14 and by the end of January I did 31 press ups, 31 sit ups, 31 squats and a leg raise for 31 seconds (two sets of 15 and 16).

I am writing this blog on the 11 April and today at 5.00am I did 101 of each - 101 press ups, 101 sit ups, 101 squats and 101 seconds of leg raises. I am now doing this in three sets.

I can do this anywhere I have a bit of space.

I have changed my thinking about myself. I am feeling so much better, people are starting to notice that I look a bit trimmer, people are starting to ask me what number I am up to. This has probably been a real focus because I don’t want to.

Where will I get to? I have no idea. I may get to 365 in December I may get to 120 this month and peak then, but what I won’t do now is stop. If I get to 120, I will stay there, every day, for the rest of my life (or as long as my body will let me). It’s a habit, but it’s a habit I can do wherever I am however busy I am, I have absolutely no excuse to say no.

I am thinking clearer at work. I am achieving more. I am happier and I am starting to like what I look at in the mirror.

This year alone we have further recruited into the business and delivered some amazing interactive training sessions on consultation and communication, managing risk and setting direction. This is being achieved because my mindset is better.

I appreciate there are some people who can’t do these things but there are loads and loads who can. I also appreciate that I am not finished, I am on the journey. I am still a big lad, but I have now got in to the habit of doing a little bit every day for me.

I am not just a 52-year-old who is overweight (I am still over 18 stone but have lost nearly a stone this year).

I am a 52-year-old overweight bloke who did over a hundred press ups, sit ups, squats and leg raises this morning. This morning before I went to work.

If I can do it so can you and I am here to help. Start today do one press up, one sit up, one squat and one leg raise and go from there. If you are drinking, then take a look at the app.

I am not a fitness specialist, but I can motivate.

If you want to be part of a mini-revolution, then drop me a line.

Who knows by the end of 2019, we may have shifted a ton or two…..

If you would like to join the group of people that are thinking about themselves and getting a bit fitter or if you need help establishing the direction you want to take health and safety in your workplace and would like a chat then please drop me a line at [email protected] or call 07799 656303

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