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Encapsulated Screen

A vibrating screen which is covered and attached to static equipment, especially the pan below the screen, by flexible fabric often incorporating rubber so as to contain all the dust generated by the screening process.

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Encapsulated screen

Earthmover Tyre

A name given to tyres of large diameter with particular tread patterns fitted to mobile plant (earth moving plant) to differentiate them from tyres for road vehicles.

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Earthmover tyre

Ex-situ Recycling

Procedures using specialist plant to condition and mix recycled materials, usually reclaimed from the construction site, with hydraulic binders or bitumen remote from the construction site. This is then transported to site and reused.


Ex-situ Cold Recycled Bound Material

Ex-situ cold recycled bound material comprises base and binder courses produced in a fixed or mobile mixing plant from graded aggregate processed from arisings from the excavation of roads and similar sources, blended if necessary with other aggregate and bound with hydraulic or bituminous binders separately or in combination (Source TRL 611).