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2020 / 2021 Edition

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Articles from The Institute of Quarrying (IQ)

14 September 2021 | Education & Training
Where are they now?
17 August 2021 | Education & Training
New IQ e-learning programmes
12 July 2021 | Education & Training
Members are invited to step up to board roles to influence the development of the IQ and boost their own careers
14 June 2021 | Education & Training
IQ’s role in updating the overarching course curriculum at the University of Derby Centre for Minerals Products
11 May 2021 | Education & Training
Getting the Most Out of IQ Membership
16 April 2021 | Education & Training
IQ explains how keeping membership grades up to date helps to demonstrate professionalism and commitment to the industry, whilst reaping the benefits of being part of the IQ community
26 March 2021 | Education & Training
With lifelong learning at the heart of the Institute of Quarrying, members are encouraged to actively participate in continuing professional development and utilize the tools developed to make recording easier
25 February 2021 | Health & Safety
James Thorne, chief executive officer of the Institute of Quarrying, discusses how the pandemic provides a timely reminder of the importance of strategic risk management
14 January 2021 | Education & Training
Local branches adapt their traditional ways of hosting technical evenings and networking events
14 December 2020 | Others
In these unprecedented times, members of IQ are reminded of the various levels of support available