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United Plant’s new vans hit the road

Compliance van handover

Asset-management company engineers receive first of a new fleet of fully equipped compliance vans

CONTINUING their drive across compliance and safety, independent asset-management company United Plant Services say the first of their new vans have been assigned to dedicated engineers and are fully operational and ‘out on the road’.

United Plant deliver repair, service and maintenance programmes to customers operating all brands of plant machinery throughout the mining, waste and quarrying sectors nationwide.

Now, as part of a move designed to reflect the company’s development and ambition, United Plant has invested in a van upgrade, together with a corporate rebrand, to clearly define the company’s dedication to ‘compliance solutions’.

The first compliance vans have been consigned to qualified engineers Nick Holden and Steve Siggee. Each is equipped with brake-testing equipment and carries a comprehensive supply of seatbelts and seat covers; mirrors; bulbs; beacons; reverse alarms; strobes and buggy whips; together with ‘safety kits’, comprising all the parts and materials needed to guarantee compliance following a customer’s machine inspection.

‘The vans have been purposefully stocked to carry the precise tools and parts our engineers require to leave customers with genuine peace of mind across compliance. What’s more, we ensure that the vans are regularly re-stocked so customer needs are met, and work is completed on time, as planned,’ explained United Plant’s managing director, Greg Mulhearn.

With onboard safety kits including parts such as amber strobe flashing beacons; hi-viz seatbelts; rear ‘emergency’ cameras and monitors; white noise reverse alarms; twin blue reverse strobes; and a variety of mirrors, Mr Mulhearn says his engineering team consistently have the right tools and equipment to hand to perform the best job possible.

‘It’s great to be able to handover a professional looking van that’s fully equipped for our engineers. Through our dedicated compliance solution there is also a thorough audit trail of the work carried out, so transparency and assurance that safety standards have been met gives our customers that extra peace of mind.

‘As a team, we are delighted to see the first compliance vans operational and out at customer sites. By investing in our people, we’re preparing for long-term growth, whilst always placing safety at the heart of everything we do.’

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