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Tsurumi update their most popular submersible trash pump range

The new HS3.75SL electric submersible trash pump The new HS3.75SL electric submersible trash pump

Company’s renowned HS Series updated with addition of new HS3.75SL electric submersible trash pump

TSURUMI Pump have announced the latest addition to their renowned HS Series of electric submersible trash pumps – the new HS3.75SL. This new high-flow pump features a 1hp motor and 3in discharge capacity that can pump 140 gal/min, further strengthening the company’s position as a leader in rental and construction pumps.

The HS3.75SL is equipped with a built-in shaft-mounted agitator that suspends solids, while its urethane semi-vortex impeller ensures maximum durability and efficiency. Featuring a dual mechanical seal with silicon carbide faces for longevity, the pump incorporates an oil lifter that provides essential lubrication to the seal faces. The V-ring seal design adds an extra layer of protection, guarding the mechanical seal from abrasions.


‘The HS Series, now joined by the high-flow, 3in HS3.75SL model, embodies Tsurumi’s dedication to setting industry standards that boost efficiency in job sites,’ said Mike Grant, Tsurumi’s portable product and rental market manager. ‘The durability and versatility of the HS Series has made it our most popular product.’

The HS3.75SL is adaptable across various settings, showing exceptional performance in handling industrial wastewater, and site drainage. Moreover, it works well in pumping water from natural sources such as lakes or rivers and effectively clears sediment from small sumps or basins.

The HS3.75SL adds a high-flow option to Tsurumi’s popular HS Series of trash pumps. These pumps are designed to effectively handle water containing solids, minimizing wear and clogging even in the most challenging job site conditions.

The standout performer in the HS series remains the HS2.4S electric submersible pump, hailed as Tsurumi’s MVP (most valuable pump). It boasts many similar characteristics to the new HS3.75SL and its popularity stems from its combination of high quality, competitive pricing, and continuous operation features, making it a dependable solution for various applications, from construction sites and equipment rental to flood remediation and beyond.

‘Similar to our new HS3.75SL, the HS2.4S model excels in handling water containing sand, solids and debris, thanks in part to its built-in shaft-mounted agitator. This feature helps to suspend sand and mud for easier sediment removal from sumps or basins. It also features our high-quality and lightweight urethane semi-vortex impeller, another similarity between both models that ensures long-term reliability,’ Mr Grant explained.


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