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Stockpile measurement made simple

SR Lite iPhone app

New Stockpile Reports Lite iPhone app for quick and easy quantification of material piles

WHETHER it is a delivery of aggregate or a mound of spoil, any stockpile can now be quantified by pointing an iPhone at it and walking around the periphery, using the Stockpile Reports Lite iPhone app.

The new iPhone app allows construction, mining and quarrying professionals etc to measure material piles themselves, instantly and for a fraction of the typical cost, with the results obtained far quicker than the time it would take a measurement crew to show up on site.


‘Since 2012, we’ve been serving the large-enterprise construction materials industry around the world with our inventory management platform,’ said David Boardman, chief executive officer of Stockpile Reports. ‘Now we’re making our patented measurement technology available to everyone.’

After downloading the app (search ‘Stockpiles Lite’ in the iTunes app store), users simply point the iPhone camera at the surface of the pile and walk around its perimeter. The app captures high-resolution imagery that is uploaded to the cloud and processed to generate a report.

According to Stockpile Reports, independent tests have shown the measurements to be within 1% to 2% of LiDAR (laser measurement) surveys.

‘We’ve rolled out the app to the UK, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand, and will be expanding it to a worldwide audience throughout the year,’ confirmed Tony Jacobson, product vice-president at Stockpile Reports.

Designed to work with free-standing stockpiles of up to 3,000 cubic metres capacity, Stockpile Reports say businesses can potentially save thousands of pounds by using the app instead of hiring of external resources for stockpile measurements.

Stockpile inventory can, they say, be done quickly and easily, with on-site teams empowered to take measurements as and when required.


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