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South Africa debut for Chicago Pneumatic

CPS 950-10 portable compressors

Equipment manufacturer delivers two CPS 950-10 portable compressors as part of growth strategy in country 

CHICAGO Pneumatic have delivered South Africa’s first CPS 950-10 portable compressors as the company expands its growth strategy in the country. The two high-pressure diesel compressor will be put straight into action for abrasive blasting applications in the Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West provinces.

The order, placed by Retrofit Compressed Air Services, has been welcomed by Chicago Pneumatic as an indication of growing demand for their high-pressure compressor range in both the construction and mining industries.
The compressors provide a powerful compressed air flow of up to 950 cfm (27 cubic metres per minute) at a working pressure of up to 10 bar. This level of performance, say Chicago Pneumatic, makes the compressors suitable for a range of abrasive blasting and drilling applications, including ground engineering and foundation drilling on construction sites, and blast hole drilling in mining areas.
Wayne Herholdt, managing director of Thembeka Air, the company hiring the compressors from Retrofit, said: ‘These high-pressure portable compressors will have a variety of applications but the most common will be abrasive blasting. I have mentioned the arrival of these units to some of our customers and they’re very excited. The fact that the units deliver working pressure of up to 10 bar opens a lot of possibilities for both Thembeka Air and our customers.’

Robert Labuschagne, owner of Retrofit Compressed Air Services, said he was pleased to add the CPS 950-10 compressors to a list of 14 portable compressors ordered from Chicago Pneumatic in 2014, including CPS 130, CPS 185, CPS 275 and CPS 375 models.
‘I’m very proud to have placed the first order in South Africa for the CPS 950-10 portable compressor and I am certain that it won’t be the last,’ said Mr Labuschagne. ‘These units will very quickly prove themselves among users and I’m sure that further orders will follow.’


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