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Sempertrans USA officially open new Atlanta location

Sempertrans USA

New facility equipped to deliver textile belts to customers in North America within 48 to 72 hours

SEMPERTRANS USA recently celebrated the official opening of their new Atlanta location together with distributors and customers from the US, Canada and Mexico. The Sempertrans USA team, which includes sales, customer service, technical management and finance, moved into the new location, in Georgia, in December 2017.

By the beginning of June this year Sempertrans USA were able fully process, cut and slit to order, and distribute heavy-duty textile belts from the new facility. The company says the warehouse is now filled with technically advanced, high-quality Sempertrans belts and optimally equipped to slit the belts within 24 hours and ship to customers across North America within 48 to 72 hours.

Wes Tyre, head of sales North America, said: ‘Our North America team is ready to tackle any challenge. From impact- and abrasion-resistant belt solutions, our wide product portfolio ensures safe and highly efficient conveying even under the most demanding conditions.’

In recent years, Sempertrans have successfully set up a sales and distribution organization for conveyor belts in North America. The Sempertrans sales team co-operates with selected distributors who offer Sempertrans’ high-performance heavy-duty textile and steel-reinforced conveyor belts for applications such as mining, quarrying and cement.

‘Sempertrans are one of the largest and most technologically advanced conveyor belt manufacturers in the world,’ said Irene Coughlin, general manager of Sempertrans USA. ‘We are excited to be a strong partner for our customers in North America and to further grow in the second-biggest conveyor belt market in the world.’

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