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Prodem extend hydraulic attachments range

Rotating pulveriser

Company expands product offering with six new excavator attachments  

FOLLOWING the recent launch of the PSB-R rotary screening buckets which have been specially developed for use in the recycling industry, Prodem have also announced an expansion on their hydraulic attachments line-up.

Ever mindful of customers’ needs, the excavator attachments specialist has added six new models to the upper and lower ends of their products range including: heavy-duty selector grabs; multi-processors; static and rotating pulverizers; orange peel grabs; and pallet forks. 

‘Expanding the range of models available gives the customer more choice,’ said Matthew Bastable, director of BPH Attachments. ‘Customers are more and more mindful of getting the right attachment for the job and a key consideration is excavator/material handler weight.’

The Prodem static pulverizers can now work on machines from 4.5–49 tonnes (previously 7–42 tonnes), while the rotating pulverizers are compatible on construction equipment from 4.5–55 tonnes (previously up to 40 tonnes).

All new attachments are available through BPH Attachments, sole UK importers of Prodem products.  

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