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Polish job success for Doosan material handler

Doosan DX250WMH-5 material handler

ZUO International purchase their first DX250WMH-5 wheeled unit for waste-handling

WASTE-recycling specialists ZUO International have invested in their first-ever material handler – a new Doosan DX250WMH-5 wheeled model. The decision to purchase the machine was in response to the company’s growing waste stream and to help improve the environmental processes of a customer’s municipal waste treatment facility.

‘With an additional unit, it is much easier to manage the machines in a way that guarantees their optimal use and best performance,’ said Rafal Kościukiewicz, operations manager for ZUO International.


‘This is why we didn't buy another wheel loader, but rather a material handler. This machine enables us to easily sort materials from a waste heap or load waste into the shredder with precision, because the operator – when located several metres above ground level – can clearly see the inside of the working chamber and can properly distribute the load.’

Initially, ZUO International were concerned about a drop in shredder loading efficiency, as the company’s wheel loader was equipped with a 4 cubic metre capacity bucket, while the new material handler features a semi-open five‑finger gripper with a capacity of 0.6 cubic metres.

However, Mr Kościukiewicz was reassured that the DX250WMH-5 would operate quickly and delivered shorter work cycles, ensuring operational efficiency on site. The new Doosan material handler also met all the technical criteria set by ZUO International and was competitively priced.

‘The DX250WMH‑5 model perfectly meets our needs, said Mr Kościukiewicz. ‘Its high performance and 11m range make the machine a perfect tool for handling even the heaviest materials. The new machine is used to load green waste into a shredder and screening unit, but we know – based on previous experience from other facilities – that it can also handle bulk waste.’

For increased loading performance, the wheeled material handler comes standard with a hydraulic cab riser for enhanced when loading/unloading material. The DX250WHM-5 is also factory-installed with the DoosanConnect telematics system which provides real-time data monitoring (via a web-enabled computer or smartphone) on the machine’s operational performance, location, and availability.


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