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New McLanahan sand washing plant for Goonvean

Part of Goonvean Aggregates’ new sand washing plant from McLanahan Part of Goonvean Aggregates’ new sand washing plant from McLanahan

Goonvean Aggregates partner with US manufacturer on new sand washing plant in Cornwall

GOONVEAN Aggregates recently selected US-based McLanahan Corporation as a partner for their new sand washing plant, which includes a modular UltraWASH modular plant, an UltraSAND plant and a 10m diameter EcoCycle high-rate thickener. The plant is currently being commissioned at Goonvean’s Melbur site, in Cornwall.

The UltraWASH is designed to integrate into Goonvean’s existing crushing plant and to be fed independently. It will produce three aggregate sizes and a double-washed sand product, whilst the UltraSAND plant will process the secondary residue material into a further saleable product, and the EcoCycle thickener will accept the waste stream from the UltraWASH and UltraSAND plants, generating reusable process water for both.

Matthew Penny, general manager of Goonvean Aggregates, said the McLanahan plant will result in zero waste being produced, which is important to Goonvean’s business.

‘We won’t have to take anything to tip,’ said Mr Penny. ‘This is a massive environmental win for our current operations and was the key driver for the project. Essentially, it means we get full utilization of all our raw material, and so it is a significant efficiency gain. It also provides additional product that we don’t currently generate for sale into the local, national and international markets. Strategically, it’s a very important investment for the business.’

With the ability to produce additional saleable products, Mr Penny says Goonvean will be able to provide a more complete product range to their customers, making them more attractive as a business. ‘It’s a big uplift for the business in terms of what we can do and what we provide to the market,’ he said.

In addition to the advantages of the new plant, Goonvean will benefit from the service and support of McLanahan’s expert staff. ‘We have decades upon decades of process engineering knowledge and experience,’ said David Hunter, business line director for McLanahan’s Aggregate Systems Division. ‘It’s a real strength that we bring to the UK/Europe.’

Founded in 1931, Goonvean Aggregates are major suppliers of aggregates in south-west England, as well as nationally and internationally. Goonvean process granite-based secondary aggregate materials for a variety of uses, including sub-bases and fills, drainage media, pavements, and construction sands.


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