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New Epiroc FlexiRoc D65 for Torr Works

The FlexiRoc D65 on the quarry floor at Torr Works during Epiroc’s commissioning process
The FlexiRoc D65 on the quarry floor at Torr Works during Epiroc’s commissioning process

Aggregate Industries choose Epiroc once again for productive, and fuel-efficient DTH drill rig 

WHEN Aggregate Industries were looking to improve the output and sustainability of their operation at Torr Works, near Shepton Mallet, in Somerset, they turned to Epiroc for advice and a long-term solution.

Torr Works is one of Aggregate Industries’ largest quarries in the UK and a vital supplier of Carboniferous limestone aggregate. It is also a major local employer, with a direct workforce of nearly 100 people.


Having relied upon two previous-generation Epiroc down-the-hole (DTH) drill rigs (a ROC L8 and a DM45) for more than 10 years, the team at Torr Works were keen to add a single fuel-efficient and more productive drill rig to their fleet, and having established themselves as a trusted, long-term partner supplying and supporting the team with surface drilling equipment as well as drill bits, hammers and rods over many years, Epiroc fitted the bill.

Offering both productivity and efficiency, the FlexiRoc D65 is a rugged, multi-functional rig that is more than capable of meeting the tough drilling demands of a large quarry such as Torr Works.

As well as the need for durability and cost efficiency, the quarry had demanding operational requirements, including a drive for innovation and high standards of sustainability for the new drill rig. And, as products are becoming increasingly complex, it was also important for the supplier of the new drill rig to be able to provide training and proven service support.

Jody Herridge, assistant mobile plant manager at Aggregate Industries, said: ‘We welcome our new FlexiRoc D65 to Torr Works with open arms and are looking forward to increased reliability whilst reducing costs. We have a strong relationship with Epiroc and will continue to work closely with their team including Jason Reilly, Mark Arnold (parts and services manager) and his team of service engineers. We will undoubtedly see increased meterage and reduced fuel burn from the new rig – a win-win!’

Mr Reilly, Epiroc’s area sales manager, explained: ‘The FlexiRoc D65 delivers straight and smooth holes and the larger compressor produces plenty of air to keep the hole clean for easy charging. The highly efficient DTH hammer is matched precisely with the compressor to provide optimum performance. Inside the cabin a lot of thought has been given to the layout of controls to provide a comfortable working environment for the operators at Aggregate Industries.

‘Our service team have been on site helping to set up the new rig…and we look forward to continuing to work with Jody and the team to ensure they get the most out of their new rig.’


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