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NAM website updated and expanded

NAM website

Up to 500 new mineral site details on updated and improved Nature After Minerals website

AN update to the Mapping Tool facility on Nature After Minerals (NAM)’s dedicated website,, has been released. As well as providing information on up to 500 new mineral sites and updating information on existing ones (a total of 1,397 sites are now covered), the website update offers an improved and faster mapping facility with extra priority habitat layers.

This interactive facility provides new and updated information on mineral sites in England, allowing anyone with an interest in mineral site restoration to view the potential of a particular site for appropriate biodiversity-led restoration to create priority habitat. This can be done within the context of a site’s surrounding landscape and neighbouring nature conservation designations.

The website can also be used to keep in touch with the latest NAM news and events via newly re-vamped pages, read case studies of best practice at sites restored for biodiversity, or get advice on priority habitat creation.

In addition, the website’s Resources pages allow users to view images, reports, press releases, brochures etc, or download Advisory Sheets on topics relating to mineral site restoration for biodiversity, while its Planning pages provide the latest information on developments in minerals planning policy and NAM’s work and involvement in this area.

It is NAM’s intention to continue uploading and updating case study examples on the website, and quarry operators are encouraged to provide details of any new examples of good biodiversity-led restorations and/or innovative restoration methods.

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