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Mick George Ltd choose Hyva again

Hyva tipper

Contractor expands and modernizes equipment fleet with Hyva tipping gears and hookloaders

MICK George, one of the most prominent names in the waste-management, recycling and haulage markets around East Anglia and the East Midlands, are strengthening their 200-strong fleet of trucks with another 65 units on order. And the company’s rapidly growing fleet will be specified with Hyva tippers, skiploaders and hookloaders.

‘In each category, Hyva equipment performs outstandingly well,’ said Pete Newman, Mick George’s engineering director. ‘As a company we put particular emphasis on products that are well designed, robust, reliable and easy to operate. We are in a tough industry and work our vehicles hard. Delivering a cost-effective service to our customers is vitally important, so unscheduled downtime must be kept to the absolute minimum.’


In terms of tippers, Mick George have specified all their new vehicles with Hyva’s eight-wheel tipping gear – the separate lightweight ram and tank design FC137 unit. According to Hyva, the FC137 is the only tipping gear designed for 32 tonnes gvw operation that can handle heavy work (eg site clearance, demolition, muckaway etc.) as easily and reliably as less demanding applications, such as sand and gravel work.  

For skiploaders and hookloaders, Mick George have chosen Hyva Titan products that offer a significant range of product updates, including fully bolted construction, added strength, greater vehicle stability, increased container security and faster on/off operation. Having such a modern, versatile and well-specified fleet will continue to give the business a considerable edge in its ability to continue to provide higher standards of customer service.

‘Hyva has proved to be an excellent long-term partner as our business has grown,’ said Jon Stump, finance director of Mick George. ‘It’s not just everyday product performance that matters, but crucially the whole life cost of operation which includes after-sales service support, parts supply and the impact on the residual values of our trucks.’


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