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Lafarge choose new tipper bodies

PPG will be showing their latest Smoothline insulated tipper body at the Tip-Ex show in Harrogate. The tippers have been built to incorporate Lafarge’s full specification, including fixed front-mounted access ladders and a 200kg in weight reduction over competing tipper body designs. Key to the weight reduction and meeting the tough technical criteria laid down by Lafarge is the latest Edbro CX14 tipping cylinder; the company’s new CX14 model reduces weight while improving strength and performance.

The vehicles are built on an eight-wheel DAF CF85 chassis with a 5.7m wheel base. Owner and driver Dave Phillips of Dave Phillips Transport chose the new PPG design for both economic and practical reasons; the lighter weight design and the full Lafarge spec will allow him to fulfil his Lafarge contracts quickly and efficiently, while being versatile and easy to access to clean and use for other jobs. The weight reduction provides additional carrying capacity and the Edbro lifting gear provides easier, safer handling.

The PPG Smoothline insulated body employs double-skinned aluminium walls and a hardened aluminium floor, all packed with the latest thermal fibre insulation material in order to maintain working temperatures, starting between 180-220 degrees, for as long as possible while ensuring a touch-safe temperature on the outside. The overhang at the back and the optimum tyre dimensions ensure maximum compatibility with current road laying machines. The rivet-less side panel construction also provides a good sign writing surface and is easy to clean.

The new CX14 hydraulic tipping cylinder was tested alongside the body design, and both performed well in field trials. The new body is being assembled at the PPG works facility in Peterborough and provides the ultimate in reliability and strength. The overall weight of the body, tipping gear and sheet system is only just over 2,000kg.

Nick Elliot, national transport manager at Lafarge, has been instrumental in developing the new PPG tipper and is responsible for the current weight saving initiative, he explained: ‘We have set up a joint project between the various suppliers who contribute towards an 8x4 tipper vehicle. The overall goal is to achieve a 21-tonne payload. This will result in improved revenue for hauliers, an increase in the efficiency of our fleet, a reduction of our carbon footprint, which is an important part of our overall sustainability strategy and something which is becoming increasingly significant in winning major contracts.


Peter Smith, sales and marketing director at Edbro, added: ‘This is a great example of how Edbro work to support both our direct customer, in this instance the body builder PPG; the contractor, and his ultimate customer Lafarge. It is only by large companies such as Lafarge and truck manufacturers themselves laying down more demanding specifications that we are able to invest and improve our technology to achieve a common goal. We are finding that the areas of the market that are strong and growing are not focussed on reduced part costs, but on driving up overall efficiency and improving reliability, which pay far higher dividends down the line.’

Edbro plc, Nelson Street, Bolton, BL3 2JJ; tel: (01204) 902364; fax: (01204) 531957.

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