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I-R generators for hire firms

Ingersoll-Rand's Portable Power Business have launched new range of GenPowerSource diesel-driven generators ranging from 15kVA to 500kVA.

The new generators are specifically designed for plant hire and include 17 different models. Ingersoll-Rand say that the quiet, easy-to-operate generators are tough and simple to maintain. The modular design allows them to be tailored to meet specific application requirements. Their double-galvanized steel skid chassis is so robust that the generators can be towed via dragging points to manoeuvre them into place. The tough base and provision of fork slots, built into the skid base, and central lifting eyes also allows the generators to be stacked easily. The base has additional sheeting in the underbase to give improved protection, acting as a retention tank to prevent spillages and allowing the use of larger fuel tanks in the bigger models.

The generators have a single control panel positioned at the front of the machine, offering a number of operating and safety features. These include an air heater pre-warm package that permits starting at -18øC, an instrument circuit breaker, and potentiometers for voltage and speed adjustment to fine tune the generator. The control panel is also modular in design so that a generator can be configured for a specific application.

Other features include built-in ladders on the small and mid-range models, a battery cut-out system to prevent the battery from running down when the generator is not in use, protective guards for hot spots, an air filter with replaceable cartridge, a diesel oil hatch, and an oil drainage pump for quick drainage of the lubrication system.


There are three models between 15kVA and 30kVA, eight models between 40kVA and 150kVA and six models from 200kVA to 500kVA.




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