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Holcim and Lafarge complete all necessary notifications

Companies formally notify the European Commission of their proposed merger of equals

LAFARGE and Holcim have formally notified the European Commission of their proposed merger in order to obtain regulatory approval, thereby completing all necessary notifications with regulatory authorities worldwide.

During pre-notification discussions with the European Commission, the list of proposed Lafarge and Holcim assets for divestment in Europe has been slightly amended.

Compared with the list of assets presented on 7 July 2014, the two companies now propose: to retain Lafarge’s Mannersdorf plant in Austria; and to divest all of Holcim’s operations in Slovakia.

In the rest of the world, the proposed list of assets remains the same, with the exception of the Philippines, as announced by the boards of directors of Lafarge Republic Inc. and of Holcim Philippines Inc.

In parallel to the regulatory process, Holcim and Lafarge are continuing to negotiate with potential buyers of the assets that are proposed for divestment.

As previously stated, the proposed divestments are subject to review and approval of the regulatory authorities and to the agreement of joint venture partners where relevant. Also, both companies will continue to consider whether further divestments would be necessary in areas where there are overlaps or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

The closing of the planned merger is expected in the first half of 2015, with the aim of creating the most balanced and diversified portfolio in the industry, operating in 90 countries and creating superior value for its stakeholders and customers.

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