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GEO Business 2018

GEO Business event

Largest geospatial show in UK reveals brand new seminar and workshop programme

GEO Business 2018, the fifth edition of the UK’s largest geospatial show, will take place at the Building Design Centre, in London, from 22–23 May.

With more than 200 exhibitors, a brand new seminar programme, cutting-edge commercial workshops, a strategic conference and an array of networking events, GEO Business 2018 will provide the opportunity for visitors to acquaint themselves with all the latest developments in geospatial technology, practice and applications.

New for 2018 is a series of free-to-attend seminars where attendees will learn how the UK Government’s Digital Built Britain programme is evolving and how technologies such as BIM, visualization and augmented reality are interacting with new data sources such as Big Data, Linked Data and earth observation data from satellites.

Attendees will hear about projects where the latest cutting-edge sensors and systems are being used to capture data quickly and safely using technologies such as terrestrial laser scanning, imaging total stations, drones and airborne LiDAR – eg how surface mapping for road inspection ahead of resurfacing can now be carried out much more rapidly.

Delivered by leading award-winning experts, researchers and opinion-formers from across the private, public and academic sectors, the seminars will feature real-world case studies that show how cost and risk can be reduced and productivity increased.

GEO Business 2018 will also include nearly 100 manufacturer- and developer-led workshop sessions, a strategic conference and a variety of social events. To can register online, visit:

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