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Expanded portfolio from G Bopp & Co.

G. Bopp sieves

Company extends range of sieving screens and services for mining and quarrying industries

G BOPP & Co Ltd have further extended their range of sieving screens and services for the mining and quarrying industries, adding to their extensive portfolio of standard products and bespoke solutions tailored to meet individual requirements.

The company now provides a comprehensive selection of hook screens and tension-bonded screens, offering a fast turnaround on re-meshing services as well as re-meshing free-issue screens.

Used worldwide for performance and longevity, Bopp’s established SI range of high-quality sieving and screening meshes have been developed specifically for the rigorous conditions experienced in mining and quarrying.

Available in aperture sizes from 0.020–16mm, using premium materials, the SI range is said to ensure advanced strength and inherent rigidity as well as superior levels of thermal and corrosion resistance.

According to the manufacturer, these exceptional physical characteristics provide high levels of accuracy combined with improved effectiveness, higher throughput and longer sieve operating life, leading to fewer process interruptions and improved economy.

Bopp SI meshes are used in a wide variety of different sieving processes, with specialists from Bopp advising on the right mesh optimized for each application.

Life expectancy is a key issue for economical sieving and sizing. From their base in Derbyshire, Bopp offer an expert re-meshing service, optimizing even and correct tensioning, using a wide range of adhesives, with the capability to handle screens up to 3m in size.

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