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Epiroc release new long-feed version of the SmartROC C50

The new long-feed SmartROC C50 surface drill rig from Epiroc
The new long-feed SmartROC C50 surface drill rig from Epiroc

‘Class-leading’ surface drill rig now available with the standard feed or new long feed option

EPIROC’s SmartROC C50 drill rig, which combines high penetration rates with superior hole quality – even in the most challenging conditions, is now available with a choice of two feeds, the standard feed or a long feed. 

The new long-feed version of the SmartROC C50 allows this COPROD rig to deliver even more metres per shift by increasing drilling time and reducing the time changing rods. Additionally, less rod changing reduces wear on consumables and helps lower fuel costs, making this machine even more cost effective.


The SmartROC C50 is said to be one of fastest, safest, and most efficient drill rigs available on the market. The well-known surface drill rig is a favoured choice for customers who require both raw power and precision. This is due to the COPROD technology, which offers the unique combination of precision and speed. Together with the new long feed, this rig will be beneficial to mining and quarrying operations all around the globe.

The SmartROC C50 with a long feed can carry a 7.3m (24ft) starter rod and 6m rods in the carousel, which increases the maximum hole depth to 37m (121ft). There is also a significant increase in its single-pass capacity.

‘We have taken this top-class surface drill rig and made it even more appealing with this new long-feed option. With its smart Rig Control System (RCS) and easy-to-use touch-screen, we are proud to call the SmartROC C50 a class-leading rig,’ said Epiroc’s global product manager, Ulf Gyllander. 


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