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Efficiency improvement at Wentvalley Aggregates

EDGE Innovate stacking conveyors

EDGE Innovate and MAX Innovate supply seven tracked stacking conveyors for busy limestone operation

EDGE Innovate and their UK dealers MAX Innovate have helped improve the efficiency of Wentvalley Aggregates’ busy quarrying operation just south of Pontefract, with the supply of seven TS80 and TS65 stacking conveyors from their tracked stockpiler series.

Traditionally, wheel loaders were used to move products as they came off the various screens in the large limestone quarry, but the solution supplied by EDGE and MAX has significantly changed the way the site works, ensuring more streamlined loading of delivery trucks and allowing more product to leave the site.


‘The change has been hugely successful,’ said Russell Meakin, managing director of Wentvalley Aggregates. ‘Before the tracked conveyors we had four or five loading shovels tied to the screens because of the amount of material we produce. Now we have a system which allows us to move a lot of product quickly and effectively, and create much larger stockpiles.

‘This means we can now use the wheel loaders to load the trucks and get the material off site to our customers much quicker; a much better use of these machines.’

Mr Meakin continued: ‘We have seen a big reduction in operating costs, saving money on manpower, fuel and machine costs, and the stacking conveyors have allowed us to increase capacity across the site.

‘Previously, the wheel loaders were having to move the material from the screen, which could only handle a small stockpile, to another larger stockpile, before going on to load trucks, so we were moving the product at least twice. Now we can leave everything running, moving the product just once with the shovels straight to the delivery trucks,’ said Mr Meakin.

He added: ‘The drivers love the new system and it makes the job easier and safer for them. It’s also very quick and easy to change the angle of the stockpilers, if needed, to make larger piles. They are really good on fuel and are constantly working flat out carrying a lot of weight. They are one of the best things I have ever bought.’


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