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ConSpare appoint new MD and CEO

L-R: James Bullock, chief executive officer, and David Bullock, managing director of ConSpare L-R: James Bullock, chief executive officer, and David Bullock, managing director of ConSpare

James Bullock transitions to role of chief executive officer, whilst his brother David becomes managing director

AFTER 28 years as managing director of concrete batching plant equipment and spare parts suppliers ConSpare, James Bullock has transitioned to the role of chief executive officer in his 40th year at the business, whilst his brother, David, has been appointed as the new managing director after 28 years as operations director. 

The change process began in September 2022 as a result of the rapid growth of both ConSpare and sister company ProSpare.


As an expert in operational efficiency, the new role will allow David Bullock to reorganize and streamline processes as part of the day-to-day management of the businesses, while enabling James to focus on the overall strategic direction to facilitate future growth.

James Bullock said: ‘I have been proud to serve as the managing director of ConSpare for almost three decades, and to have taken on the mantle of the family business from my father alongside my brother David.

‘The business has grown substantially recently, and we’ve adopted a much greater focus on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. Having more than 40 years’ experience in the industry means that I’m in a strong position to help affect change, and I’m relishing the opportunity to tackle a slightly different challenge over the coming years.

‘One of the reasons ConSpare have maintained their position as market leader for so many decades is that we listen to our customers and use our expertise to help them deal with the ever-changing challenges they face. Managing the implications of ESG in relation to the concrete production process has become a pressing issue for many in our industry, and this is an area in which we are uniquely placed to support our customers. Our recent restructure will allow me the time and space to focus on this area, and I’m confident that ConSpare will become an even more important partner for decades to come.’

The restructure has also seen the responsibilities of the management team redistributed, with company directors Tom Bullock, Steven Wing, and Darren Kershaw playing a more active role in managing different aspects of the growing company.

In addition, general managers have been appointed to report into new managing director, with Tom Bullock as general manager of the technical spares office, Nick White as general manager of the capital department, John Tuckley as general manager of the bulk materials handling department, and Joe Cossey as general manager of ProSpare.

David Bullock said: ‘I’ve really enjoyed my role as operations director over nearly three decades, but ConSpare and ProSpare have grown to a size that requires a new, more systematic approach in order to maintain a controlled level of growth.

‘ConSpare and ProSpare have a great reputation for excellent customer service, quick response times, and technical support, and in order to ensure we continue to deliver this as we grow, my focus for the business as managing director is going to be on systemization, organization, and the implementation of efficient processes in each of our four departments.

‘The goal is to ensure that our teams and resources more accurately reflect the scale of the business, but also to empower our managers and to help the business shift to a longer-term strategy.

‘We’ve got new products, a new sustainability focus, and a more streamlined team, so the opportunities for us to add value in the industry are much greater, but there has to be a controlled plan in place to support us in fulfilling those opportunities. The restructuring is no small change in our eyes, but we are all looking forward to taking the next step and can already see the benefit in our initial areas of focus.’

ConSpare and ProSpare revealed a record-breaking turnover in January this year, with group sales surpassing £10million for the first time in 2022 and staff levels having risen to 48 employees in total.


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