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Collier Haulage invest in versatile new tipper body

Thompsons Tippers Scotland

Company takes delivery of its first unique-spec Bulkmaster unit built by Thompsons Tippers Scotland 

HAVING long favoured general-purpose bulk tipper bodies, Collier Haulage of Cowdenbeath have purchased their first body built by Thompsons Tippers Scotland.

Mounted on a Volvo FMX 8x4 chassis, the new 24.4 cubic metre capacity aluminium Bulkmaster body combines a standard bulker design with a heavy-duty 8mm hardened aluminium floor and a comprehensive ‘tar specification’ that includes an air-operated split tailgate, full 1.7m high side-panel insulation and a sliding front-to-back Harsh sheeting system.


The end result is a body that can handle a wider range of payloads than ever, greatly adding to the truck’s operating capability and versatility. Of particular note, the complete vehicle weighs just 12,300kg, affording a 19,500kg-plus payload potential.

And with this Thompsons body spec, these loads can cover everything from Type 1 crushed materials and aggregates to bulk recycling products and hot tarmac.

David Craig of Thompsons Scotland said: ‘This new body has been a great learning curve for us in being able to fine-tune what has essentially been a traditional body type for many Scottish hauliers into something that is even more versatile and productive. Aside from the heavy-duty work, the insulated Bulkmaster can handle almost every type of payload.’

Duncan Collier, director of Collier Haulage, added: ‘We went to Thompsons because we knew that they could take our traditional body design to the next level. With their proven design and production expertise, we also recognize that Thompsons’ bodies deliver real quality and long-term productivity. The result is exactly what we wanted.’


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