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CheckProof secure investment for growth

Håkan Holmgren, chief executive officer of CheckProof Håkan Holmgren, chief executive officer of CheckProof

Viking Venture to support SaaS company’s expansion plans in North America and Europe

CHECKPROOF, a Swedish SaaS (software as a service) company, have announced a significant investment and long-term partnership with Viking Venture, the leading Nordic B2B software investor.

CheckProof provide a user-friendly, all-in-one platform for the construction materials industry. The platform digitizes maintenance and HSEQ management with tasks including quality and maintenance routines, defects, deviation, and incident reporting. Connecting frontline operations directly to the office creates an immediate positive impact on availability and productivity.


CheckProof’s intuitive platform allows efficient reporting as information can be collected from multiple teams and sites, making it accessible from a single place, increasing visibility and eliminating the need for disparate systems. This data-driven approach enhances uptime by enabling preventative maintenance and significantly reducing administrative workload, all while ensuring on-site personnel safety.

Viking Venture will be a long-term partner, supporting CheckProof in their ambitious growth plans across North America and Europe, and will join Granitor Growth Management AB as a lead shareholder in CheckProof. 

Håkan Holmgren, chief executive officer of CheckProof, commented: ‘The investment from Viking Venture confirms the strength of our product proposition and the incredible growth potential within our segment. We are witnessing significant interest from our core sector, the construction materials industry, as our platform meets its unique needs.

‘The capability of our platform is crucial for industries with high sustainability and growth targets, and we are excited to partner with Viking Ventures for the next phase of our expansion as we continue to serve our growing client base with unparalleled customer support.’

Joar Welde, partner at Viking Venture and new chairman of CheckProof, said: ‘With industry-leading international companies already on their customer list, CheckProof have gained a unique market position to further roll out their product. We see great growth potential and are excited to support their expansion.’ 

Göran Linder, chief executive officer of Granitor Growth Management AB, remarked: ‘We are very pleased with this recent investment and excited to welcome Viking Venture as a co-investor. We are confident that Viking's impressive track record in growing and accelerating businesses, combined with their expertise, will be incredibly beneficial for CheckProof’s continued success and expansion.’

To learn more about CheckProof, visit their stand at Hillhead 2024.


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