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CEMEX expand network to meet increased demand in US


New project designed to improve delivery of aggregates in and around Los Angeles

TO meet an increasing number of construction projects in southern California, CEMEX USA are expanding their network in the region with plans for a state-of-the-art, rail-served distribution terminal in Los Angeles and a new aggregate loading system at their quarry in Victorville, California.

The new distribution terminal is expected to bring high-quality aggregates to the Los Angeles metro area and surrounding communities.

‘The Los Angeles metro area continues to grow and CEMEX USA continue to be a major part of that growth,’ said Eric Wittmann, CEMEX USA’s West Region president.

‘With our Victorville cement plant and our integrated network of more than 20 strategically located southern California ready-mixed concrete plants and five aggregate quarries, this planned addition to our capability demonstrates our commitment to building a better future in the communities we operate.’

With an expected completion in late 2017, the new distribution terminal will be centrally located near several of the area’s main freeways, decreasing customer travel time and costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from trucking.

An automated load-out system is planned for the 14-acre terminal to further expedite the delivery process. In addition, CEMEX have planned updates to the rail line’s infrastructure and several other enhancements to the quarry in Victorville, including a new aggregate loading system, in an effort to increase the quarry’s efficiency in delivering aggregates across the region.

‘CEMEX have helped solve infrastructure and construction challenges in southern California for more than 100 years,’ said Ignacio Madridejos, president of CEMEX USA. ‘This significant project reaffirms CEMEX’s continued commitment to southern California, and will allow premium aggregates to be delivered right where they are needed most.

‘We are proud to contribute to the sustainable development of the Los Angeles basin for many generations to come.’

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