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CEMEX dive in at the deep end

Deepspot diving pool

Company’s slag-based cement products being used in construction of the deepest diving pool in the world

CEMEX are participating in the construction of the world’s deepest and largest diving pool –‘Deepspot’ – in Mszczonow, near Warsaw, Poland, with the supply of special cement from the company’s Rudniki plant, near Częstochowa. 

Using the special slag-based cement that works well for the construction of concrete elements and structures in hydrotechnical construction, project contractors Budokrusz SA are able to produce two classes of structural concrete for the construction of the diving pool’s foundation plate.

‘This extraordinary project offers a number of challenges for material suppliers and contractors in terms of the quality of products and technologies,’ said Rafał Gajewski, CEMEX’s commercial development director in Poland. ‘Another important challenge is the logistics for the timely delivery of materials to the construction site, with the Rudniki cement plant located almost 200km away.’ 

According to CEMEX, their high-quality CEM III/A 42,5 N NA LH HSR special slag-based cement features low-alkali, low heat of hydration, high sulfate-resistant and lower CO2 footprint, characteristics that make it particularly suitable for this type of challenging construction project.

The advanced design of the ‘Deepspot’ pool will allow for adjustment of the facility to suit divers’ specific training needs. When complete, the 45m deep pool will hold 8,000 cubic meters of water – 27 times more water than a standard 25m pool. 

In addition, the complex will feature a special underwater tunnel that will allow visitors to observe people training at the deepest depths.

While ‘Deepspot’ will be available to anyone who is interested, it will mostly attract professional and novice divers, as well as lovers of free or breath-hold diving. The facility is scheduled to open in Autumn 2019.

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