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BAA announces new Concrete Division

The BAA has launched a new Concrete Division
The BAA has launched a new Concrete Division

British Aggregates Association launches new division with support from Bay-Lynx and TVS Interfleet

THE British Aggregates Association (BAA) has announced the launch of its new Concrete Division, in conjunction with TVS Interfleet and Bay-Lynx Manufacturing UK Ltd.

BAA chief executive officer Mike Phillips believes the introduction of the new division and the support of the two manufacturers emphasizes the significance and importance of this development to the industry.


He said: ‘First and foremost, launching a new division of the BAA for the first time since its inception is a proud achievement for the team, but to launch it with the support and backing of the UK’s biggest drum and volumetric manufacturers shows just how much trust we’ve got within the industry, and makes it even more of an achievement.

‘Members who have a ready-mix or batched on-site side to their businesses will benefit from the potential to not only tap into our strategic partner resources, but also strengthen them with the support from the BAA, TVS and Bay-Lynx.’

Lindsey Rudd, group industrial sales director with TVS Interfleet, remarked: ‘We are extremely proud and unyielding in our support of the BAA and the launch of the new Concrete Division. As an industry that is not widely seen as specialist but absolutely and most definitely is, it’s amazing to see the introduction of such a body aimed specifically at improving it through strategic partnership, collaboration, and innovation.

‘This sector has some very deep-rooted and substantial issues that can only be addressed and resolved by revolutionizing how things are done in all areas, from simple targeted discussion to developing ground-breaking products and massive enhancement of training and educational reform.

‘However, in the UK this sector does boast some of the best in the world in their fields and, therefore, I’m looking forward to being part of this gathered knowledge and, in turn, creating the maximum value and level of change for its members.’

Bay-Lynx operations director Michael Barr said: ‘Bay-Lynx are delighted to be supporting the launch of the BAA Concrete Division and I am personally excited to play my part in representing Bay-Lynx UK in supporting the wider concrete industry and ensuring that volumetric mixers are well represented.

‘The rise of volumetric mixers over the years has seen significant growth as well as many challenges. Being part of the BAA Concrete Division will ensure that volumetric fleet operators have a voice and an opportunity to work together with other industry stakeholders to face future opportunities. We look forward to the successes to come and being a part of the BAA, working alongside TVS Interfleet in collaboration for a better industry.’

As part of a broader strategy to introduce specialist divisions to the new-look BAA, chairman Ric Clemmey hopes to ensure that the BAA continues to bring members as much value as possible across all areas of their businesses.

‘Understanding that many of our members don’t just operate quarries, we need to ensure that the BAA, through Mike and his team, can adapt and offer support across all the relevant sectors we operate in,’ he explained.

‘Having such prestigious manufacturers help launch the new Concrete Division shows a real unity in making the sector safer for everyone, which can only benefit our membership and those who use our products.

‘With the revamp of the AOS scheme to include ready-mix plants, and the imminent launch of the Health and Safety Division under the stewardship of H&S director Roy Bush, the new vision and purpose for the BAA is steadily becoming the stronger voice for the industry.’

Mike Phillips concluded: ‘The Concrete Division will have a range of benefits and discounts from our partners when it comes to things like driver CPC training, transport and H&S audits, digital compliance, and assistance with policies and procedures, along with some exciting offerings from both TVS Interfleet and Bay-Lynx that will be a massive benefit to our members and the wider industry.

‘I can't thank Lindsey and Michael enough for their support over the past few months, and we’d love to get more companies on board, from single-vehicle operators to suppliers and any of the other manufacturers, and make the new Concrete Division the new home to support the ready-mix and batched on-site industries.

‘We’ve proven we can bring the industry together recently, and the BAA Concrete Division will continue to support the industry for many years to come.’ 


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