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ABLE UK take Europe’s first Hyundai HX900 L crawler excavator

Hyundai HX900 L crawler excavator

New machine designed for the most demanding demolition and decommissioning projects

TAYLOR & Braithwaite, UK distributors for Hyundai construction equipment, have sold the first Hyundai HX900 L crawler excavator in Europe to demolition contractors ABLE UK. The new 90-tonne machine is equipped with a 10-tonne Fortress shear to tackle tough demolition tasks and a 4.85 cubic metre-capacity bucket for excavation use.  

Chris Jordan, sales manager for Taylor & Braithwaite, secured the deal with ABLE. He commented: ‘The company was looking for a machine to speed up the recycling process as their workload had significantly increased. They needed an excavator which was capable of working in tough environments and could cope with heavy-duty tasks.

‘After identifying the Hyundai machine best suited for the company’s needs, I spoke with ABLE’s procurement manager, Matthew Davies, and discussed the specification of the HX900 L and its capabilities, such as the lifting capacity and working range, which ABLE analysed in great detail.’

ABLE UK are no stranger to the Hyundai brand; in 2016 the demolition contractor purchased a 43-tonne R430LC-9A model. Mr Jordan continued: ‘ABLE’s decision to choose Hyundai was largely influenced by the reliability of their older model. Their first Hyundai has proven to be an extremely reliable and robust machine.

‘Securing the deal with ABLE for this machine was very important to Taylor & Braithwaite and Hyundai as a brand. It is the first HX900 L machine to land in the UK and the first sold in Europe. 

‘This is the largest Hyundai model working in the UK. As a result of this deal, we have had several new enquiries for the new Hyundai model, and we are very proud to have been the first dealer to introduce this mighty machine to the UK. We are anticipating more orders in the near future.’

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