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19 February 2009 | Quarrying

RECENT discussions between the Quarry Products Association Scotland and Scottish Government officials have resulted in the appointment of a ‘champion’ to support and sponsor the quarrying industry...

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09 December 2008 | Quarrying

THE Quarry Products Association has published its fourth Sustainable Development (SD) Report, which once again offers an insight into how the quarrying industry is performing across a broad...

31 October 2008 | SHE

THE Quarry Products Association’s most prestigious health and safety event of the year – the QPA Health and Safety Best Practice Awards – took place last Friday at the Institution of Civil...

09 September 2008 | Quarrying

The current council of 25 board members governing the decision-making process of the Quarry Products Association (QPA) is to be cut to 10 as the merger of the aggregates body with the British...

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02 March 2009 | Health & Safety

QPA Health & Safety Scheme opens its doors to all

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04 July 2008 | Environment & Restoration

Held on 3 July at Nine Kings Suite in London's Royal Lancaster Hotel, the seventh...

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01 April 2008 | Health & Safety

Writing exclusively for MQR Magazine, Martin Isles, QPA director of health and safety, charges the HSE with failing adequately to support quarry firms’ desires to reach target zero and...

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03 December 2007 | Health & Safety

Martin Isles gives an insight into the scheme and this year’s winners

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02 July 2007 | Environment & Restoration

Celebrating 10 years of the Quarry Products Association

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01 March 2007 | Planning & Development

By Fiona McEvoy, British Geological Survey; Richard Bate, Green Balance; Ken Hobden, Quarry Products Association; and John Cowley, Mineral and Resource Planning Associates

01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration

Further steps towards a sustainable industry

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01 August 2005 | Environment & Restoration

Highlights of the Quarry Products Association’s Showcase 2005 event

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02 May 2005 | Health & Safety

An update by Martin Isles, the QPA’s director for health and safety

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01 September 2004 | Environment & Restoration

As part of this month’s focus on the environment and restoration, we highlight several of the sites singled out for recognition at the Quarry Products Association’s Showcase 2004 event,...

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The Quarry Products Association’s annual Restoration Awards

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