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02 March 2009 | Health & Safety

A personal view by Roy Bush, HSE HM Inspector of Quarries

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01 April 2008 | Health & Safety

Writing exclusively for MQR Magazine, Martin Isles, QPA director of health and safety, charges the HSE with failing adequately to support quarry firms’ desires to reach target zero and...

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03 September 2007 | Health & Safety

Managing the risk of falls from vehicles

By Helen Turner, Health and Safety Executive

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01 August 2007 | Health & Safety

The quarry industry has reduced the number of RIDDOR reportable incidents at work dramatically. But the second part of the journey is always the hardest.

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03 April 2007 | Health & Safety

Historically, mobile plant and other vehicles have been the main source of accidents in the quarrying industry.

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01 March 2007 | Health & Safety

The missing link in health and safety management?

By Helen Turner, HSE

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02 October 2006 | Education & Training

By Helen Turner, HSE

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01 March 2006 | Health & Safety

Life after the Hard Target

By Helen Turner, HSE Manufacturing Sector – Quarries Group

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01 November 2005 | Education & Training

This article outlines the key issues regarding the demonstration of competence, as required under the Quarries Regulations 1999, and lists the current national vocational qualifications...

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01 September 2005 | Legislation & Regulation

The implications of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 for the quarrying industry

03 March 2003 | Legislation & Regulation

Andy Miller, Head of the HSE Explosives Policy Team, outlines the current review of explosives legislation and the proposals for revised separation distances around explosives sites...

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