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Agriepure diesel decontaminator
19 September 2013 | Plant & Equipment
Latest Agriepure system features unique filter design to remove up to 95% of solid contaminants
Agriepure diesel filtration system
03 October 2012 | Plant & Equipment
Agriemach introduce their new and easy-to-maintain Agriepure diesel decontaminator filtration system
12 September 2011 | Plant & Equipment
Agriepure diesel-purifying system allows diesel to be cleaned and purified in situ
08 October 2009 | Plant & Equipment
AVAILABLE from Agriemach is the new Kevlar sleeve, which protects the user’s hand and arm from burns, thanks to a hardwearing double-skinned Kevlar featuring a thumb slot to ensure the sleeve does
01 May 2009 | Plant & Equipment
Design Engineering have introduced a new and what they believe is a improved exhaust wrap – the Titanium Wrap (pictured right) – currently available from Agriemach.
03 November 2008 | Plant & Equipment
Agriemach have added a new in-line diesel cleaning system to their extensive range of engine protection products.
02 June 2008 | Plant & Equipment
Agriemach have unveiled their new Agriepure diesel-purifying system, which allows operators of plant and machinery to clean and purify diesel in situ.
01 March 2007 | Plant & Equipment
  Agriemach have unveiled their new electronic stethoscope, which, the company claim, can quickly and easily locate the source of unwanted noise and sounds in mechanical equipment.
01 December 2006 | Plant & Equipment
Agriemach have launched Mine-X Ultra, a non-blocking diesel particulate filter that provides effective removal of diesel particulate matter and lower backpressure than conventional wall-flow filter