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EP03 - Identification, Examination And Evaluation Of Environmental Aspects And Impacts

What is this?

This is a written procedure that outlines what is required to ensure that all significant environmental aspects and impacts are identified, examined and evaluated through the risk assessment process. A PDF of the procedure is available to download (see attached), please use it in conjunction with the associated documentation mentioned below.

Environmental aspects:

  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Gaseous emissions
  • Traffic
  • Visual impact
  • Site tidiness
  • Vegetation management
  • Fuel and chemical storage
  • Water and liquid waste management
  • Solid waste management
  • Biodiversity and ecological maintenance

What does the responsible manager have to do?

The responsible manager must ensure that:

  • An EIR is undertaken every year to establish the significant aspects and impacts relating to the environmental activities of the company
  • All findings are recorded and placed within the EMS
  • Any significant issues identified are correctly controlled and monitored
  • They communicate the findings of the review to all workplace employees, contractors (in particular, the contractor’s managing director) and other interested parties (such as the Environment Agency).

The results of the review will be recorded on the appropriate form (EF01 – Risk Assessment) and filed within the EIR section of the EMS.

What do employees have to do?

All employees must:

  • Immediately report any significant changes that may effect the environmental impact review to the responsible manager
  • Comply with the control measures implemented by the company relating to the environmental aspects and impacts of the business.

Associated documentation

EMS Section

  • Environmental Impact Review


  • EF01 – Risk Assessment

This workplace procedure forms part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables all personnel working for the company, whether directly or indirectly, to carry out their duties in a manner which will preserve the environment around them and ensure that the policy statement of the company is adhered to. The procedures can be viewed here.

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