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MAJOR offer free training webinars

MAJOR training webinar

Screen media manufacturer providing customer support through free virtual training series 

MAJOR, global manufacturers of high-performance wire screening media, are offering aggregate producers access to the company’s free virtual training series to help operations optimize efficiency and team learning amid the conditions caused by COVID-19.

The on-demand webinars provide practical tips involving screen media, screen boxes and the screening process. Two already-released videos include ‘How to Boost Screen Performance’ and ‘How to Maintain Your Screen’. The series has the ultimate goal of improving operational safety, profits and overall efficiency.

‘It’s more important than ever that we work together to overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic,’ said MAJOR president Bernard Betts. ‘We’re eager to help our customers and any producers interested in learning from our team to improve hands-on skills for better efficiency, maintenance and performance.’

MAJOR host the on-demand webinars on an online portal where viewers can access a full list of the publicly available videos. The manufacturer will choose new topics based on questions or subjects they hear regularly brought up by customers.

Each training webinar will educate end-users on best practices and new technologies to optimize their efficiency, fine-tune their screening and minimize unscheduled downtime. In addition to the public training webinars, companies can also request private virtual training sessions focusing on topics specific to their individual operations and applications.

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Submitted by Matthew Bryce (not verified) on

looking forward to seeing your online learning webinares

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