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30 January 2017

I was thinking about how my business has transformed in the last few years. It was 2011 when I moved from Bristol up to Stamford. Bristol is a great city but Stamford has brought a great life.

22 December 2016

I often get asked where is the best place to go for the answer to a site health and safety issue.

28 November 2016

Tis the season to be jolly – and for many, it starts with an office party.

31 October 2016

Every year exposure to hazardous substances at work affects the health of thousands of people.

30 September 2016

So, we are coming into the winter months. Nights are getting longer, the weather is turning.

26 August 2016

Every year more than 4,000 people are seriously injured when falling from height. People think of working at height as working from scaffolding, mobile elevated work platforms or cherry pickers....

04 August 2016

We are continually hearing bad news coming out of Europe, America and from our politicians on financial performance.

11 July 2016

OK, so England didn’t do that well in the Euros, but wow we can we learn from the Welsh.

10 June 2016

Most of you are probably bored to death with the wall-to-wall football that has been on TV.

13 May 2016

I often get asked what training do people need when they join a company. As with most questions, it could be answered with, ‘well it depends’, but would this really help?

13 April 2016

We are heading into a bright summer and hopefully a bright year. But to get there we need to look at the here and now. January and February are often regarded as the months when morale is low and...

21 March 2016

It doesn’t matter what health and safety publication you read, the types of serious and fatal accidents that continuously occur in this country rarely change. Falls from height, contact with...

26 February 2016

When I first became actively involved in health and safety many years ago, I can always remember my grandfather telling me stories (or pulling my leg more like) about some of his health and safety...

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