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01 January 2007 | Asphalt
At a certain time each year the subject of potholed roads exercises the minds of those on news desks around the country. Headlines screaming horror about the nation’s crumbling roads’ do not come...
01 January 2007 | Site reports
Ringway adopt German drum-screen technology at key East Anglian site
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01 January 2007 | Site reports
New Benninghoven coating plant for Moons Hill Quarry
01 January 2007 | Asphalt
At a time when ‘saving the planet’ is high on the agenda, the use of environmentally friendly alternatives as bitumen modifiers is becoming an increasingly popular option. Neil Turner, technical...
01 January 2007 | Asphalt
The bitumen market and the requirements of bitumen customers are changing, and the industry must adapt to meet its customers’ future requirements. One such requirement is the closing of the materials...
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01 January 2007 | Asphalt
Increasing pressure from legislation and ‘environmental reputation’ is causing local government to look increasingly closely at environmentally friendly options for pavement construction and...
01 January 2007 | Asphalt
The quarrying industry has traditionally been a large user of energy and consequently management is constantly targeting areas of high-energy consumption, in particular asphalt and coating plants, in...
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01 January 2007 | Asphalt
Sumburgh Airport in the Shetlands becomes the first UK airfield to benefit from Colas’s European airport surfacing materials By Carl Fergusson, business manager – Airfields Division, Colas Ltd, and...
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01 January 2007 | Ancillary Equipment
Tony Blair may have been labelled the master of spin, but in the world of water recycling it takes a centrifugal decanter to deliver spin with substance. With grumbles being raised about plate...
01 January 2007 | Legislation & Regulation
The growing need for water recycling in aggregates production is promoting the wider use of plate presses. The end silt product, even though it has some marketable properties, is often landfilled....
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01 December 2006 | Planning & Development
Nigel Jackson, chairman of the CBI Minerals Group, outlines the need for a strategic view of the future development of all UK mineral resources In the opening address given on behalf of the CBI...
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01 December 2006 | Transport & Distribution
As issues such as traffic congestion, carbon emissions and road noise become increasingly important, transporting aggregates in an environmentally friendly way remains one of the key challenges...
01 December 2006 | Concrete
An innovation in coastal reinforcement As locations go, Blackpool sea front needs little introduction. For over 100 years Blackpool’s coastal defences have battled tirelessly to protect the UK’s most...
01 December 2006 | Transport & Distribution
A new concept for delivering quality-assured ready-mixed concrete from Hymix Four years ago, when EN206-1 (the Euro standard for concrete) and BS8500 (the supplementary British standard) were looming...
01 December 2006 | Site reports
Lafarge Readymix upgrade their Nottingham facility