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02 April 2007 | Environment & Restoration
The UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan seeks the creation of 120hectatres of saline lagoon by 2015.The latest RSPB/MQR article in a series of six shows how the former clay workings at Cliffe Pools in...
02 April 2007 | Site reports
WBB Minerals optimize the utilization of their ball clay resources
02 April 2007 | Asphalt
“If you want the fame and the gain then you have to take the pain.” Worthy of a sporting motivational quote, this is the simple leadership wisdom of one of aggregates’ most colourful characters,...
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02 April 2007 | Materials Processing
Faint rumbles on the surface of the planet usually belie a tumultuous shift deep in the lower levels of the earth. Similar plate movements are underway at Dig-a-crusher and it is not just in the...
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02 April 2007 | Legislation & Regulation
The landfill tax rising by £8 a year and the aggregates levy jumping from £1.60 a tonne to £1.95 from 2008 are only two of the bitter pills for those in aggregates to swallow. While large firms are...
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02 April 2007 | Drilling & Blasting
Principal structural engineer for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) David Rowe laughs when he hears the comments on the simplicity of quarrying. If quarrying is just creating and filling...
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02 April 2007 | Drilling & Blasting
In many aggregate depots today you will find 20mm virgin quarried material sat next to 20mm recycled demolition waste. Focusing on a quarry blast at Ennstone’s Cloud Hill Quarry in Leicestershire we...
02 April 2007 | Recycling & Waste
A summary of a WRAP aggregates project By John C. Barritt, WRAP aggregates technical advisor Aggregates are produced from primary, recycled and secondary material resources. The objective of this...
02 April 2007 | Site reports
DUO Equipment install largest washing and water-management plant in Europe
01 April 2007 | Recycling & Waste
As SB Waste in Wolverhapton continues its journey of upgrading its operations, Andrew Hewitt continues his diary offering readers advice and guidance on what he is learning from the process. This...
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01 March 2007 | Health & Safety
The missing link in health and safety management? By Helen Turner, HSE Worker involvement is the term the HSE uses to describe the ways in which workers are encouraged to take part in making...
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01 March 2007 | Planning & Development
By Fiona McEvoy, British Geological Survey; Richard Bate, Green Balance; Ken Hobden, Quarry Products Association; and John Cowley, Mineral and Resource Planning Associates
01 March 2007 | Ancillary Equipment
Oversized pump motors are costing industry dear through increased capital costs and reduced efficiency. Andy Glover of WEG UK highlights a widespread problem and provides some pointers on how to...
01 March 2007 | Materials Processing
Angus Fosten of Partech Instruments looks at the implications for quarry operators Any manufacturer or operator of a water or waste water treatment plant should not have missed the extension of the...
01 March 2007 | Materials Processing
Sepro Mineral Processing International Ltd have recently shipped several Sepro heavy-duty scrubbers and Sepro-Sizetec screens to clients in Cuba, Mali, Ukraine and the Indian Ocean. Scrubbers and...