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01 September 2006 | Drilling & Blasting
Measuring blast-generated vibration by Andy Maslin of Accudata Ltd
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01 September 2006 | Drilling & Blasting
Can they improve blasting and productivity? by Douglas A. Bartley, president of US-based DBA Consulting, Inc. Of the various products introduced to improve blast performance, flyrock control and...
01 September 2006 | Drilling & Blasting
Firing pattern and stemming column adjustments enhance blast performance at a limestone quarry in the Philippines By Dr Piyush Rai, reader in mining engineering; Bhanwar Singh Choudhary, senior...
01 September 2006 | Drilling & Blasting
The trend in UK quarrying to outsource drilling and blasting to external suppliers is undoubtedly an opportunity for specialist contractors, but one which comes with a need to adopt both modern...
01 September 2006 | Site reports
New coating and concrete plants deliver added value for Ennstone Johnston
01 August 2006 | Materials Handling
Selecting the best-suited vibratory feeder for material-handling applications By Bob Hill, director of Skako Comessa Ltd Discharging material from A to B at the required feed rate sounds a simple...
01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration
Woodland, plants and lakes complete restoration When visiting the countryside in areas underlain with valuable minerals, old quarries can often form part of the rural landscape. More recent quarries...
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01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration
Martin Millmore, director of The Mineral Planning Group, discusses an imaginative approach to quarry restoration design Quarry restoration schemes are an integral part of planning applications and...
01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration
David Jarvis asks why more built developments are not incorporated into mineral planning schemes The Eden Project, Bluewater retail park and Hampton (the southern extension to Peterborough) are well...
01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration
Practical quarry landscaping and restoration in The National Forest By Robin Truslove, senior forestry consultant with Lockhart Garratt Ltd
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01 August 2006 | Environment & Restoration
Further steps towards a sustainable industry This year’s Quarry Products Association Showcase event once again revealed progress by the quarrying industry in improving and understanding its footprint...
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01 August 2006 | Site reports
Despite difficult geological conditions, Potgate Quarry maintains its viability by changing extraction methods. Roger Lindley investigates
03 July 2006 | Legislation & Regulation
Marjorie Bark and Steve Penn of Applied Environmental Research Centre Ltd review the regulatory issues affecting the use of inert waste in quarry restoration
03 July 2006 | Recycling & Waste
John Powell of Associated Concrete Solutions Ltd explains the implications of the environmental pressures for dealing with waste concrete and washout water Environmental pressures and water...